Savanna Home

Animals surround this savanna home.
Black mamba, please stay away from my soul.
Candelabra trees work as my protection,
death, and even redemption.
Elephant grass, the savanna’s razor.
Floods of blood drips from the lions mane.
God’s wasteland, hear me sing.
Hell is awakened
in the suns final cries.
Jackalberry trees is where I’ll hide with the
koala bears. Enjoying the lemony sweet fruits supplied.
Late night sounds, terrorize my dreams.
Making it hard to sleep. The
nigriceps ant scurrying around. Far from home,
on this tree limb I wait.
Pressured by the imminent attack of a caracal.
Quickly I fall to this earthen war zone,
running around in this dark death.
Struggling to reach my safety.
These wild dogs party,
under the legend of the baobab.
Vain is the emu to good to fly.
Water is the crocodiles kingdom.
Xylography stains the jarrah trees,
your way of guiding me home.
Zealous was I, when the door shut to the wasteland behind me.

(c) Chris Cariad

This is the Story of Government

The world will wonder, 

the skies will falter.
Heaven found its fire,
fire, its heaven.
The world has fallen a part.
This is the story of government.
A story of the worlds end.
We loved in all the wrong ways
therefore, the fire we descend.

(c) Chris Cariad 


You are Forgiven

The gun was pointed at me. 

I saw the anger in his eyes,
with the clenching of his teeth,
and the quiver in his lips.
He was scared and filled with fear.

The gun,
shaking unsteadily in his hands.

I’m sure he never thought it would come to this.
I’m sure he thought more of himself.

But, it was too late now, his answer in his hands.

My heart is on the floor.
My body on the cold ground.

You are forgiven.
I forgive you.

(c) Chris Cariad 

Yr Effaith

(The Effect)

The world wants to know,
who and what
is right and wrong.
If there is such a view,
such a belief
that could fit either category.
Can we truly define good versus evil?
Or can we equip ourselves with the knowledge
that all hold the power of good and evil inside them?

The world is just one big after effect
of our mental capacity.

(c) Chris Cariad 



Boom, Boom, Boom

This is the sound
of the bombs dropping on civilian homes.
It is the loss of the humanitarian
that was America.
We can’t consider this war,
just mass murder.

The Power of Power

The power was in their hands, 

and they got to decide,
the actions to guide humanity.
Many trying to influence that decision,
to corrupt their minds.
We as a people,
as a society and a world,
have made living so complicated.

(c) Chris Cariad 

A Future Dream

What did you see poor child? 

What did you see?

I saw planes falling out of the skies,
and crashing into homes,
while families where praying down bellow.
I saw human flesh falling off the faces of men,
as they wander the hallways of hospitals,
their lives all but hopeless.
I saw water consuming the coasts,
the warm lands under ice.
I saw the fall of great monuments,
and continents divide.
There was such great terror when food was sparse,
and water was poisoned.

I saw a world dying,
a world lost.

A future that was not so promising.

(c) Chris Cariad 


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