Just a Poem

If all you wanted to be 

was a poem,
then that’s what you’ll be.

(c) Chris Cariad 


Over and Over… Again

Over and over again, 

I think about how it will end.
Imagining the possibilities,
craving the foretold reality.
Life all but bores me,
or maybe it is the lack thereof that loaves me.

In my head, I see these possibilities,
how will it end, how will it end?
Over and over again.

(c) Chris Cariad 

I Shall See

You doubt my abilities
I laugh at your views.
You say I need a higher education,
I say the same to you.
Life is so much more,
than memorizing facts and theories,
brainwashing yourself
on how to act.
I am living,
I am doing,
I am being.
I learn and grow everyday for free.
My journey has guided me here,
my God has provided the journey.
You could not ever break this spirit,
only set it free.
You keep that piece of paper,
no matter how blind it may be.
I’ll take this road,
and allow my spirit to guide me,

I shall see.

(c) Chris Cariad 

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Open up the canal
and allow the world

To climb out.

The angels are singing,
this kingdom reviving.

God emptied his cup,
and out of it came life.

Came a world.

He’d care for,
and evolution
They fell for.

A Daemon Home

I’m exercising these daemons 

out of my mind.
Placing them on this paper.
Allowing them to breathe new life.
Safe from infection these readers will be,
these daemons will remain
in this paper prison,
I willingly conceived.
Cleansing the writer,
conflicted for just a short time.
Tomorrow we’ll have to do it again.
Take away these daemons.
That have entered this mind.

(c) Chris Cariad 

Teach me to be Human

These are the times in my life, 

where I feel this world is teaching
me to be human.
Connecting me to this earth
and reviving my reality,
that I am not what I imagine.

I am not, but I am.

This disconnected spirit has all but grown uneasy.

But has still grown.
I am not some metaphysical being,
For that I now know.
I am just a poor pathetic human
Taking on these dreams,
So that I can feel closer to home.

(c) Chris Cariad 

Water is Life

I am but a human 

drowning upon this air.
Please dear sir, consume me with water.
Let the hydrogen, oxygen combo be my revive.
I am only seconds till my death.
Save my life or let me drown?
Cast me into the water and don’t let me
come back to the dry.
Let this water consume my lungs with life.
Dear sir,
This water is my life.

(c) Chris Cariad 


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