Argued with God

It’s 4am and a fight has been unleashed. 

Me and God in the room,
don’t worry about breaking this feud.
He always stands there in silence,
against these bullets I hurtle his way
and still will I wake in the morning
and be asked, “What happened to you?”
My only reply,
Argued with God… God won.


Smile empty child, smile.
The world is falling a part.
We see bombs exploding, people dying
and children crying.


Homes are broken,
pockets empty,
people are rioting for just mere pennies.


So much darkness we see.
The pain behind the tears we bleed.
what is absent
is but a smile.


(C) Chris Cariad

My Truth Awakened

This mask is broken 

as I lay naked on the flood.
A black fog encircles me,
encloses me in this ring of light.
I bare my truth now.
I live in the light.

(c) Chris Cariad 

I See

I put myself out there 

I showed you the real me,
thought it was the crazy talking
but then I began to see
and your smile, what a masterpiece.
I fet rejected,
that you didn’t express yourself in the same way.
My heart is bleeding,
catch it … before this blood fades.
I want to discover what I didn’t
thing nothing was there.
I see.
My mind has cut out my feelings
due to this past disease,
but I am free.

(c) Chris Cariad 


My wings have arrived, 

now the galaxy I ascend.
I am the angel, once fallen.
The light once forsaken,

(c) Chris Cariad 


All I Wish to Find

Your face, 

is my every torture.
It’s a paradise, that’s so out of reach.
My own little deserted island
i’d so willingly fall into.
Your smile,
the heavens could never reproduce.
A song that sings away the darkness,
sings away the pain
that’s held within our youth.
You are the soul
that connects to mine,
Your everything is all
I’ve wished to find.

(c) Chris Cariad 


I like to think my ego saved my life. 

That those thoughts,
brought me out of this strife.
You may find me egomaniac,
tis only a show.
A mask for this insecurity.
A road that headed nowhere,
a journey so rocky and frail.
This emotional state had me on life’s edge.
Till this ego,
I was left for dead.

(c) Chris Cariad 


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