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New Year New Change 10

This Marks the Tenth year of my blog New Year New Change. I’ve taken a step back and reviewed these past ten years. The changes, the growth, the struggles, failures and successes. They’ve all helped me to grow into the man that I have become and to continue to become. I was 18 years old when I penned my first blog, just graduating high school, unsure about where life would guide me. Today I am 28, I own my house and car, I have a successful job, I’ve been published internationally, and am surrounded by amazing people. In the beginning I started this blog to find myself, to find what I was supposed to do and become but through this yearly blog I was able to push myself out of my comfort zones, to give myself permission to grow and become something greater than what I was in the past. To quote my very first New Year New Change Blog, “Im becoming a man and realize that I just really haven’t lived! I’ve taken life day by day  and never really forced goals or plans for the future! With it being the new year my resolutions is to set goals and plans for the future, to study and do research to better figure out what i want my future to hold!” I’ve done just that. I have taken these goals I have set myself and they have been the stepping stones to the future. I have learned from them weather it be a success or failure. I have become a man. There was years I just wanted to stop making goals, years where my blog was used to predict the political and religious world to come in the coming year and to review the year that has past.

2017 for myself was another year of personal growth and development. At the end of 2016 I started my career as an Assistant Store Manager. where I got to use my last nine years of creating goals to enact and develop changes in the work place to create a better environment and future for the store. I’ve had many teachers molding me to be and become better. Created many friends and relationships along the way and found an inner happiness. I struggled a lot, but looking back i had a pretty outstanding year and look for 2018 to continue in my growth.

2018 Goals are:

Less deserts.
take a vacation and camp out without technology for the entire week.
start improving my credit score again.
Have an electrician come out and update the last of the old wiring in the house.
re-insulate the attic.
cook more homemade meals.
Work on my physical body.
create a raised bed garden.
make less derogatory comments.
Find ways to save more money.
Regain my work life balance.


Results From 2017:

1 Relax more (success)
2 Take a trip to somewhere I’ve never been before. (Success)
3 Pay off all credit cards and stop using them. (Failure)
4 Be more spiritual. (Success)
5 Blog once a month. (Failure)
6 sit in candle light more often. (Success)
7 Love myself. (Success)
8 Finish my third book. (Success)
Till next year.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. The true neighbor will risk his position, his prestige, and even his life for the welfare of others. In dangerous valleys and hazardous pathways, he will lift some bruised and beaten brother to a higher and more noble life.” – Martin Luther King Jr ‘Strength To Love’ew

Pussies Bite

Everyone knows that pussies bite
grab the wrong one and you’ll die.
Covering a turd in catnip
and they still wont bite,
but like the dog
temptation is way too strong.
Trumpy has to have the next Ms. U
upon his wall.
He covers himself in cash
and still the ladies wont flock.
So like a slimy little snake
he puts a few drops in their drink…
Oh no, this isn’t about chocolate puddin.
Nor do we really give a shit about the clowns in the street,
but today we’re faced with a momentous decision.
On which dumb-ass we want to lead us behind the trashcan
and take our life, our society, our freedom…
Both are raping the statue of liberty in the locker room
of a football stadium and
disposing the bodies in the lake.
No worries, one has killed a few less than the other,
our FATE will be OKAY.

It amazes me how crazy this world is
that I hear this everyday.
The pussies seen to be lured in,
Suffocated by the gold encrusted turd.
The only hope is they see the shit
before being grabbed up
and devoured by the rapists trance.

Can we be hopeful?
I believe that cats are quite wise, that Females are intelligent.

Capable of living without guidance nor control
even if the temptation is there.
You’ll think you’ve won….
but in the end,

You’ll fall
because Pussies pack a toxic bite.

(c) Chris Cariad 2016
-October 8, 2016

Dream On – Poem by Christopher Cariad

From the day of MLK jr.
came a spread of justice,
but quickly we lost that justice.
Oh, how us Americans forget so easily
the rights given to us,
the rights paid for us in blood.
But let us remember today,
before it is too late.
Let us grow that dream.
Let this freedom, once again ring.