Song by Allen Ginsberg, Read by Christopher Cariad

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Sorry I haven’t been posting regularly, I am working on a lot of poetry projects and look forward to the future of these projects. Thank you guys so much for all the support you provide with my poetry.

A Dead Poet with no Society


Hate To Acceptance

A Soulful Goodbye

Just a silhouette of your soul
I hold.
That kiss was
so passionate,
I cherished every move your lips made.

We shared that kiss
in a dark alley
filed with rats
navigating for scraps.
The smell of rotten shellfish
from the restaurant next to us,
didn’t stop us from falling in this
lavish whirlwind of love.

The lust we shared in that moment
could feed a million of the worlds starving.

Selfishly we consumed every ounce
and lived in a magical wonderland,
every second we where given together.

The heavens regrettably called
with that bullet to the head of you… my husband.

Life was so cruel to allow such a
world to depart from me.
And on this day,
I ask:
How the heavens knew,
how they could be so blunt with this dagger.
Disbanding the last of these heart strings.

Back in this alley I stand.

Thinking of that beginning,
holding your face to mine.

Now just a silhouette of your soul remains.

A love like this could never stand.

The heavens knew, My pain is something strong.
That through my sadness,
I would build.
A memory of this world,
A world of this memory.

(c) Christopher Cariad

Poetic Update

Hey guys,

Its been a while since I’ve updated my blog here. Just wanted you all to know that I am still a live and am working on book number 3. More details of that to come. Also two of my poems where published by the Kentucky State Poetry Society in their publication entitled ‘Pegasus.’

Again thank your for staying a follower here, I hope to start posting more poetry here again soon.


Chris Cariad

Argued with God

It’s 4am and a fight has been unleashed. 

Me and God in the room,
don’t worry about breaking this feud.
He always stands there in silence,
against these bullets I hurtle his way
and still will I wake in the morning
and be asked, “What happened to you?”
My only reply,
Argued with God… God won.


Smile empty child, smile.
The world is falling a part.
We see bombs exploding, people dying
and children crying.


Homes are broken,
pockets empty,
people are rioting for just mere pennies.


So much darkness we see.
The pain behind the tears we bleed.
what is absent
is but a smile.


(C) Chris Cariad


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