Dream On – Poem by Christopher Cariad

From the day of MLK jr.
came a spread of justice,
but quickly we lost that justice.
Oh, how us Americans forget so easily
the rights given to us,
the rights paid for us in blood.
But let us remember today,
before it is too late.
Let us grow that dream.
Let this freedom, once again ring.

Roots – Poem

Sometimes we have no choice
than to bare our roots
the ground from under us all be eroded away
leaving these roots
our truth
our story

they will stay.

(c) Christopher A. Cariad 

Mother Earth – Poem

God created nature to be healer
of this mind, body, and soul.
To allow mankind to center
ourselves and be whole.
To mother us in her womb,
piecing together our perfect selves.
Allow yourself to be nurtured
by the cord that ties us to nature,
because one day we’ll die.
Exiting this womb
into a new life.
Where we will be united next to our fathers side,
just waiting to marry his planetary bride.

(c) Christopher A. Cariad

Empty – Poem

I wonder at times
Why I’m here
This fear of living
Waste of life
These sins committed
But nothing
will I have when I die.

(c) Christopher A. Cariad 

We Are The Drones – Poem

We are the drones,
the mindless connoisseurs of hate and war.
We’ve lost all feeling and touch,
a disconnect to the world around us.
Wondering around this computer screen,
reading this text language and believing all that we see.
Our world has become trivial now.
These streets empty as these bombs hit the ground.
Minds of men are putty
with the majority molding theirs for death.

(c) Christopher A. Cariad

Lets Facebook – Poem

Lets post it all on Facebook
yo, what do ya say?
Lets let the world hear all of these cries and complaints.
Theres people starving, homeless, and dying.
So lets tell the world of our superficial ways
Why millions die outside.
This world,
a slave to this Facebook mind.

(c) Christopher A. Cariad

Our Love- Poem

This razor blade
that pierces your skin.
touching you deeper than anyone has ever touched you.
Blood trickles down,
leaving that deep impression on your arm.
I want our love to be that close.
To be that severe.
To be that everlasting.

(c) Christopher A. Cariad