The Waiting Door

Jesus is real.
Knock, Knock
Tap, Tap
Have you heard of the sinner,
who pushed love away?
He fell for hate.
Sealed was those poor babies fates.
Knock, knock
Tap, Tap
Saved was one,
that entered the house of hell.
One that grew up in the ungodly’s chair.
Knock, knock
Tap, tap
Can you hear it,
That voice coming from the fire?
It’s calling your name.
Showing you your path to take.
Knock, knock
Tap, tap
Can you hear him now?
Take hold of that staff,
this door is now open.
Lead your people.
Jesus is knocking.

In These Hands

O’ God,
I pray to you knowing
you are real.
I pray for my parents,
the neighbors dog two doors down.
My hamster and
I pray to the keeper of souls.
I knew that God was near
through darkness and in light.

O’ God,
I pray to you questioning,
You are real?
How was this great big ball of gas created?
Is humanity truly made from dirt and water?
If you are real,
Then why do I never see or hear you?
Why did you allow so many bad things
to fall upon this earth.
Why are the sick still sick
and the hungry, hungry?

O’ God,
I pray to you wanting a better life.
Wanting financial stability,
wanting a soulmate.
These prayers focused on personal material passions.
For health and wellness,
prayers out of selfishness.

O’ God,
I pray to you, but not anymore.
You are a creation by the governments
to control our actions.
A nice little bed of feathers with the appearance of safe.
My prayers went unheard,
this world is still the same.
My hands have been the catalyst for creating my fate.
My brain, the guider.
My eyes, the consumer.

O’ God,
I pray to you today.
Knowing the beauty of grace.
Your blood is the healer of all things.
I’ve journeyed to many mental lands but yours, the mountain guiding my way.
I journeyed upon so many paths,
but you wouldn’t allow them to be my fate.
I come to you broken, by the gods of this world.

O’ God,
I pray to you in praise.
I know of the harmony you bring.
Through my hands,
you consume me.
Through my works,
I exalt you.
I have died but yet live on.

O’ God,
I pray with you today.
Hoping this world down bellow
will receive your name.
Preparing for the day,
when you’ll be shining on your thrown.

O’ God,
I pray to you.

Argued With God

It’s 4am and a fight has been unleashed.
God and me in the room,
Such a volatile feud.
He always stands there in silence,
against these bullets I hurtle.
STILL, will I wake in the morning
to be asked, “what happened to you? ”
“Argued with God, ” I say.
“God won.”

Song by Allen Ginsberg, Read by Christopher Cariad

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A Dead Poet with no Society


Hate To Acceptance

A Soulful Goodbye

Just a silhouette of your soul
I hold.
That kiss was
so passionate,
I cherished every move your lips made.

We shared that kiss
in a dark alley
filed with rats
navigating for scraps.
The smell of rotten shellfish
from the restaurant next to us,
didn’t stop us from falling in this
lavish whirlwind of love.

The lust we shared in that moment
could feed a million of the worlds starving.

Selfishly we consumed every ounce
and lived in a magical wonderland,
every second we where given together.

The heavens regrettably called
with that bullet to the head of you… my husband.

Life was so cruel to allow such a
world to depart from me.
And on this day,
I ask:
How the heavens knew,
how they could be so blunt with this dagger.
Disbanding the last of these heart strings.

Back in this alley I stand.

Thinking of that beginning,
holding your face to mine.

Now just a silhouette of your soul remains.

A love like this could never stand.

The heavens knew, My pain is something strong.
That through my sadness,
I would build.
A memory of this world,
A world of this memory.

(c) Christopher Cariad